Have mobile visits finally overtaken desktop?
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OJM Insight April 5, 2018

Have mobile visits finally overtaken desktop?

Well for some of our sites they certainly have

We’re constantly monitoring our client’s website figures and especially the mobile ones. Across all of our sites we’ve seen a steady increase in visits from mobile devices and for a number of them we’ve seen a massive shift.

The first two figures didn’t surprise us as both of these websites contain event information people are likely to look for on the move. We were actually surprised they weren’t a touch higher. However the third figures did surprise with a clear domination for mobile visits. The site in question is a tourist attraction and we’ve seen similar big jumps for other websites of similar attractions.

We dug a little deeper and added a location parameter to see where these mobile visits we’re happening. We expected them to be local to the attraction and a lot of them we’re actually using their device while at the attraction. This sort of interaction, done correctly makes, for an even better visiting experience.

With every client we explain of the importance of mobile, most of the time they agree but having the figures to back up our claims makes it a lot easier

Update Aug 2015

Our latest visitor stats are now showing a 70/30 split in favour of mobile devices when viewing a website. Having a responsive website was made even more important a couple of months ago when Google changed it’s algorithm to punish non-mobile friendly websites. If you’re website isn’t mobile compatible it holds little value to your potential customers.