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Direct Marketing.

Direct marketing that delivers, literally!.

By focusing on what matters to our clients, combined with 20 years of development experience, OJM are able to build responsive websites within whatever budget we have. As in any business, time is money and the longer something takes the more expensive it will be. By discussing our client’s requirements we can then explain the options meaning an upfront cost with no surprises putting our client at ease.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Your product/service beautifully presented on custom email templates hitting customer inboxes and diving sales.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

98% of texts are read and 95% of those are read within the first 3 minutes. Optimised sms campaigns are incredibly effective in boosting sales.

whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

As with SMS marketing WhatsApp is incredibly effective in direct sales and generating a buzz around products and services.

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