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Responsive Web Design Packages.

Premium web design to suit any budget.

By focusing on what matters to our clients, combined with 20 years of development experience, OJM are able to build responsive websites within whatever budget we have. As in any business, time is money and the longer something takes the more expensive it will be. By discussing our client’s requirements we can then explain the options meaning an upfront cost with no surprises, putting our client at ease.

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design

Your website seamlessly displaying on every device. Over 70% of your customers are coming to your website on a mobile device and if your website isn’t ready you will lose them.

UX Design

Once a visitor is on your site the next job is keeping them there until they’ve converted. Whether it’s sending a message, making a phone call or buying a product, you need to convert them from visitor to customer. The user experience is so important to achieve this and to keep them coming back.

front end web design

Front-End Design

Our front-end design service allows websites to move forward without the need for a new CMS. Your end user doesn’t care how the content gets there but they care a great deal once it does. Don’t let an ageing CMS hold back your end product.

landing page design

Landing Page Design

First impressions mean so much in web design. Potential customers make their mind up in seconds about your product. Whether it’s your homepage or a new service, a quality landing page and call to action could be the difference between winning or losing customers.

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If you're a little unsure as to the terminology try looking at our packages or send us a message and we can guide you through the process and find the right solution for you.

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