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Another year and another chance to work with the SIRF team on delivering a website worthy of this wonderful festival. This is OJM Digital’s’s seventh year working on and thanks to last year’s hard work on creating a brilliant responsive website this year we’re focusing on visitor engagement along with some new features.

Throughout the year the SIRF team work tirelessly organising and promoting the festival and a lot of this is done across the multitude of social media channels. OJM Digital were tasked with creating some functionality which could access all of these channels and pull together the content into a single page. The Social Wall plugin we created did just that.

Anybody who’s been to SIRF will know how wonderful it all looks and it’s no surprise how many brilliant photographs are taken both by the SIRF team and public alike making the Social Wall a brilliant timeline of the festival before, during and after for everybody to enjoy.

With SIRF being a festival of events the team were keen on allowing visitors to see as many events as they could and with multiple locations and showings this wasn’t straightforward. What OJM Digital have created was the ability for visitors to add performances to their favourite list and see all showings across the festival in one place. From there they were able to easily pick which time suited them and build their own custom festival.

Once the visitor had created their perfect festival they were able to add each event to an array of calendars as well as sharing what they had done on Facebook, helping to engage the public even further.

Project overview

  • Responsive Website with focus on Mobile
  • Fresh modern design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Content Managed System
  • Event Management
  • Plan Your festival Feature
  • Forms with auto responders
  • Backups, maintenance and security


With SIRF we chose a custom WordPress solution and this project really enabled us to show how much it can be customised and developed to suit requirements.

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