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Graphic Design.

In association with Grieves Design Grieves Design

At OJM we are first and foremost websites & marketing but over the years we’ve been asked by our clients a hundred times if we can do graphics or know anybody who does. Don’t get us wrong we’re great designers and do so on every site we make and we do all of our own advertising. But when it came down to brochures, signage etc. we recommended local freelancers until we met and stuck with Grieves Design.

Having seen their work first hand we were instantly impressed and the partnership was formed. Forming a partnership with Grieves Design has allowed OJM to offer a one stop shop for anything our clients may need with the OJM promise of nothing but the finest work delivered.

A full list of design services with examples can be found below and you can also view our design portfolio.


Branding Guidelines

£299view examples


£149view examples


from £59view examples

Social Media Creation

from £99view examples


from £49view examples

Design for Print.

Leaflets & Flyers

from £99view examples


from £79view examples


from £69view examples


from £199view examples

Business Cards

from £49view examples

Promo Material.


from £169view examples

Shop Signage

from £159view examples


from £89view examples


from £49view examples

Vehicle Graphics

from £149view examples

Roller Banners

from £99view examples

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